Discover the Latest Porsche Design Luggage and Backpack Range

Discover the Latest Porsche Design Luggage and Backpack Range

Porsche is a well-established and reputable brand. Although they’re best known for their high-performance vehicles, they also produce stunning luggage.

Their latest collection Porsche Design line reflects the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship they apply to their vehicles. These well-designed backpacks and luggage are ideal for those who love luxurious bags, which are practical and long-lasting.

Their luggage is designed and produced at Studio F. A. Porsche, a premium design agency. If you love Porsche vehicles, the luggage takes direct inspiration from the colours and shapes of the cars.

Porsche Design luggage is renowned for their sleek and modern designs.

If you appreciate minimalist and elegant aesthetics, the clean lines and sophisticated look of Porsche Design luggage and backpacks are a great choice.

Like most luxury brands, Porsche uses high-quality materials and has exceptional attention to detail. Since they use premium materials, you’ll enjoy exceptional durability and a luxurious feel that sets their luggage and backpacks apart.

Among our latest range is this Porsche Design Roadster Spinner which is available in various sizes. Designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, it is the ideal blend of form, function and design. Extremely lightweight, this bag is inspired by the attractive colours of the Porsche 911.

Its shell is made with German quality polycarbonate and the lining is made from polyester fabric with a heat printed Porsche Design icon logo. Other features include ball-bearing-mounted, smooth-rolling wheels in the style of the Porsche rims.

This brand incorporates innovative features and technologies into their products.

Porsche Design offers unique design elements or functionality that enhances your experience, making their luggage and backpacks stand out.

Porsche Design luggage and backpacks are renowned for their attention to detail. From stitching to hardware, Porsche Design products may showcase fine craftsmanship, demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

Like their vehicles, Porsche bags include features like durability, functionality, and ergonomic design.

This is a brand that frequently releases limited edition or exclusive products, adding an element of rarity to their luggage and backpack range. This exclusivity can be a draw for collectors or those seeking something unique.

Meanwhile, their rucksacks are an excellent investment for any office worker or student.

Our collection includes this small Porsche Design Urban Eco Backpack which is made from recycled materials. Features include an integrated USB port, functional pockets, and a rain cover to protect your bag from those wet winter days.

This is the ideal Christmas gift for anyone seeking a sustainably manufactured rucksack. The notebook compartment is designed for 13" laptops and functional zippered pockets.

If you need more details on any of our Porsche Design bags, our expert team is always happy to help.

Check out our latest collection from Porsche Design today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.