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7 Reasons To Choose Luggage From Bric’s Life Collection

The latest Life collection by Bric’s is ideal for anyone who loves to travel without sacrificing comfort and style. 

Founded in 1952 by Mario Briccola, Bric’s base in Milan has been producing handmade bags and fine leather bags for nearly seventy years. Here are just seven reasons to pick their bags for your next trip:

  1. Enjoy exceptional quality and durability. An Italian brand, Bric’s high-quality luggage is a valuable investment for a keen traveller. All their luggage is made from the finest materials which are capable of withstanding even the most bumpy trip. Their premium leather goods are the result of their exceptional artisanal workmanship.
  2. Benefit from oodles of style. Bric’s Life luggage is well-loved for its stylish, elegant designs. Along with being sturdy and reliable, their luggage is endlessly practical and effortlessly sophisticated. Combining classic features with modern aesthetics, it’s a brand which cherishes tradition while embracing innovation. 
  3. Choose from a wide range of luggage. From suitcases and carry-ons to duffel bags, there’s something for everyone in Bric’s collections. Valise Luggage has a number of collections from this brand, including Bellagio, Firenze, X-Travel, and Life.
  4. Invest in luggage with multiple great features. Bric’s luggage is always well designed with features like multiple compartments, durable zippers, and gorgeous interiors that make packing and travelling a real pleasure. Below is one of their trolley bags from this collection, which features a resistant micro-suede fabric, interior lining in nylon. The material is flexible and self-supporting, so will return to its original state when folded. Meanwhile, the quality Tuscan leather finishes develop an aged look over time that’s simply irresistible.
    luggage features
  5. Bric’s is an established brand with a wonderful reputation in the luggage industry. They have been in this market sector for over 65 years and are renowned for producing luggage that is unique along with elegant. When you choose this brand for your travel luggage, you can have complete peace of mind. 
  6. Enjoy luggage with a timeless appearance. The Bric’s Life collection is popular for its high-quality leather and canvas luggage. This collection features many classic, timeless bags that are ideal for travellers who want a sophisticated, stylish option.
  7. You’ll be purchasing from a family-run company. Bric’s is still today a family-owned company run by Mario’s sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Ultimately, your choice of luggage should depend on your personal preferences and needs. Whatever you might be looking for, Valise Luggage has options to suit a wide range of requirements and budgets. 

beautiful holdall

Among our range are many pieces of luggage from Bric’s, including this beautiful holdall. The perfect cabin underseater, it comes with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind. Featuring a real leather trim, it’s the ideal ‘weekend away’ bag.

One of our luxury pieces of luggage could make a fantastic Christmas gift for any globe trotter. 

If you’re looking for high quality luggage, take a look through our latest collections at Valise Luggage. Or don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for more information.