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Find The Perfect Cabin Bag For Your Needs

When it comes to cabin bags there are so many different choices and airline rules, it can be confusing. 

Whatever your travel requirements, our team at Valise Luggage is happy to help find the perfect cabin bag for your requirements. All our bags have handy storage solutions to make travelling by air easier, more enjoyable and convenient.


The smallest cabin luggage on wheels would be a 45 cm underseater. 

These can be taken on board free-of-charge on airlines such as Easyjet. These are a popular choice for those going on shorter trips who don't want to pay to upgrade to the larger 55 cm cabin bag.

Valise Luggage has a wide range of choices of luxurious cabin bags, from the ultra-light Samsonite Litebeam underseater to the affordable Delsey that has a strap that allows it to sit on top of a larger case.

Samsonite Litebeam

Should I choose a soft or hard sided cabin bag?

There are advantages to both hard or soft-sided cabin bags. With a hard-side, you can pack either side 50/50 which some people prefer. For soft sided bags, you might just have one compartment; however, you get more pockets on the outside, and it's usually more flexible.  

The benefits of hard-sided cabin bags with a front pocket.

With hard case bags with a front pocket, you have all the benefits of a hardshell but with a front pocket for easy access to a laptop or documents. This means you won’t need to open the main pocket. This is super handy when you're going through security.

Samsonite Stackd 55 front pocket

Samsonite Stackd 55 front pocket

front pocket

Here are our top 6 front cabin bags with front pockets:

1. If you’re looking for that Italian chic design look no further than the Brics Bellagio Cabin Bag.

This luggage has a handy front 55 cm pocket, is trimmed with beautiful leather, and is of the finest imaginable quality.

Brics Bellagio Cabin Bag

2. Another of our most popular cabins is the Samsonite Stackd 55 Easy Access. 

Easy to access, it is super stylish, lightweight and has a USB port to keep you charged on the go. The best part is if you're doing extra shopping, the case can be expanded. The front pocket just makes life so much easier. Because Samsonite has a ‘family’ of bags, if you need a larger case you can get one which matches the style of the cabin bag.


3. Enjoy a premium travelling experience with the Samsonite Neopod.

This is a great case for seasoned business travellers. Although it is more expensive than the Stackd, you get a few more useful features, including two front pockets: one main and one smaller for easy access of passport or documents. 

There is also a USB port to keep you charged on the go. The case has Samsonite new shock absorbing wheels, is expandable, and the front pocket can be locked to stop anyone accessing your valuables.

Samsonite Neopod

4. Introducing the HORIZN STUDIOS M5 Smart Cabin Bag.

M5 Smart Cabin Bag

This is the only case that comes with an inbuilt removable battery pack. It is super stylish and modern, with innovative features including:

  • A water-resistant front pocket for a 15” laptop
  • Four 360° Japanese spinner wheels and TSA-approved lock
  • Inbuilt compression pad and premium laundry bag

5. The super-stylish and eye-catching American Tourister Novastream.

The most affordable front pocket we sell at  £169. It has all the features you want, super stylish and comes in very eye-catching colours. This is a popular choice for those who don’t want to spend the extra for a Samsonite.

American Tourister Novastream

Expand your bag by up to 20% with the Victorinox Spectra 3.0 which is ideal for frequent flyers.

If you're looking for a cabin case that expands the most, this is the perfect choice. Highly stylish, this cabin bag has an 11 year warranty and has been described as the ‘swiss army knife’ of luggage. It is also has a hard shell front pocket for extra durability 

Victorinox Spectra 3.0

If you’re looking for high quality cabin luggage, check out our latest collection today. Or get in touch for more information.